Derek DeVries


Public Relations | Social Media | Speaking | Professing

I'm a life-long geek and have been using "social media" since before it had a name. I love this stuff and have the benefit of over a decade of immersion in the medium.

I spent college in front of a computer monitor instead of partying, and one of my favorite things in the world is to get other people as excited about the intersection of communications theory and technology as I am. 

If you're in to credentials, I have Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communications from Grand Valley State University.  

I have experience working for several Grand Rapids-based public relations / marketing agencies, and I have over a decade of experience in higher education handling a variety of roles including crisis communications, online reputation management, written social media policy, developed training, and promotion for over a decade with Grand Rapids Community College. 

Presently I am a Digital Strategist at Lambert Edwards & Associates, where I get to do great work for fascinating clients.  I actually get paid to do illustration sometimes; how cool is that?

I currently serve on the board of the West Michigan Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Marketing Committee of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, the marketing committee of the Grand Rapids Film Festival, and I'm an adjunct faculty member at Grand Valley State University in the School of Communications teaching Public Relations / Advertising.

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